Wednesday, October 31, 2018


I awoke confused to the worst the headache of my life. I sat up slowly, it felt like my entire body had been beaten repeatedly with a very large stick. I had flashbacks of the mission, of seeing myself in flames on the computer screen. I picked at the bandage that covered a large burn on my leg. Brian came damn close to making my death a reality. It had to be him, whoever had been shadowing me had ample opportunities to attack and didn’t. Where was my rescuer and was he also my shadow? Whoever had brought me here had taken care with my wounds. The table by the bed was covered in medical supplies, an enemy or a bounty hunter wouldn’t have bothered. They would get paid whether I was alive or dead, taking me alive usually meant a bonus. I dug around and found a bottle of pain killers. I took three and prayed for relief. I appeared to be in your typical safe house, well worn furniture and bare necessities. I grabbed a scalpel just to be safe and headed to the kitchen.
The pot of coffee was still warm so I poured a big cup. I found sandwiches in the fridge and searched while I ate, weapons, info, where the hell was I? How was I going to get my hands around Brian’s throat? I was going to squeeze until his eyes popped out of his skull.
The pain medication kicked in and I formulated my plan for revenge. I didn’t care the cost. I was done with this business, this life. I found a pile of cash and took what I needed, leaving the rest. I had a long drive ahead of me with plenty of time to figure out which painful way I was going to kill Brian. The sun was going down, I found keys and hoped there was something drivable in the garage. It was in decent condition with almost a full tank and current tabs. It would get me where I was going. I pulled out of the garage and headed into an uncertain future.
Brian was predictable, always the first to arrive at work. I parked the car and staked out the building. The sun was just beginning to rise. I drank in what would more than likely be my last sunrise. The odds of me getting in and out weren’t in my favor, but I was known for beating the odds. All I wanted now was revenge at any cost.
The light came on in Brian’s office and I knew it was time to make my move. I hadn’t bothered to look at myself at the safe house but it must have been bad. “Man, are you alright?” A homeless man asked me. “I’ve seen dead people who look better than you.” No doubt, I thought to myself. I threw him a ten spot and kept moving towards my target. “Thanks and God bless.” He shouted after me. God wanted no part of what I was going to do to Brian.
This early there might only be one at the desk. I can’t imagine my ID would still work but it was worth a try. The guard had stepped away which was good I didn’t want to hurt any innocent bystanders. I scanned my card but it kept coming up declined. In the process the guard had returned. “Can I help you?” he asked.
“Hey, Pat. My badge doesn’t seem to working.” I said.
He looked terrified. “You’re supposed to be dead. I deactivated your badge.”
“Pat, do I look dead to you?”
“No, but you look like someone stomped the piss out of you and set you on fire.”
I shrugged. “It was a rough assignment.” 
“Why don’t I call up to Brian and let you two figure it out?”
“That’s not going to work for me, Pat.” Sadly, for Pat he was within reach and I grabbed his taser and stunned him. I let myself in with his ID then dragged his ass to the elevator for his palm print to let me upstairs. I handcuffed him and stuffed him in a maintenance closet. I kept his taser and took his gun as well. I chewed a few more pain killers and readied myself to kill Brian.
I made it to the top floor, the doors opened and I was ready for a fight. It was quiet unfortunately for Brian, no one was there to save him from me.
He must have heard the elevator doors. “Jenny, honey is that you?” he said in a sickeningly sweet tone. I wasn’t even cold in my grave and he was two timing me.
“Such a beautiful sunrise, let’s spend it together.” He was staring out the window when I walked into the door way. He caught my reflection in the window. The look on his face was priceless.
“Did you miss me, honey?” I could see the wheels turning. How to approach this mess he had created, violence or lies. Eventually, it would lead to violence, it always does. He opted for violence, big mistake. He opened the drawer for his gun and I was on him like a lion on a gazelle. I punched him three times in the face so fast he dropped his gun. “Fight me like a man you chicken shit, bastard.” I was so filled with rage I grabbed him and threw him over the desk. He scrambled to his feet and ran for the elevator. In my line of work if I let something like this slide I would paint an even bigger target on my back
“You tried to kill me you little prick.” He managed to trip an alarm along the way. It didn’t matter anymore. We squared off and he gave a few pathetic shots. I could smell the fear on him. I hit him with a spinning back kick and he went down like a sack of rags. “Why, Brian? You could have just dumped me.”
“I can’t move.” He pleaded.  “I think you broke my back.”
I hauled him over to the elevator and put him in the door way to keep the elevator shut off. The door smacked him over and over as it tried to close.
“Kind of sounded like it.” I said, casually. “Chances are we’re both going to die today.”  I had a hard time accepting I had ever let this weak toad touch me. He wasn’t dead, but it was close enough. I walked over to him. “Goodbye, Brian. You knew who I was when you tried to kill me. I always win.” I dropped my gun and headed to the back stairwell. I didn’t come here to rampage and kill innocent people, I was here for revenge and I had gotten it.
The back elevator had been locked down. I could hear them coming up the stairwell like a herd of elephants. None of these desk jockey clowns would have made it a minute in my world. I was trapped unless I wanted to go to the roof and get picked off or take a swan dive out a window. I did what I always do, I kicked the stair well door open and walked in with my hands up. I do love to make an entrance.
My least favorite person was waiting behind that door. “Did you know he was going to kill me, Jason?” I yelled. Jason deemed himself to be a superior white male and tried to take me in the ring, he didn’t and he’s had it out for me ever since.
“Too bad it didn’t work.” He yelled back. I was then hit with several tasers, while I was on my knees enjoying the jolt, Jason stepped in and punched me in the face.

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